With highest values for fire, sound and heat proofing.
REI 60
REI 60
RW = 56 dB
RW = 56 dB
K=0,41 W/m² °K
K=0,41 W/m² °K
Product safety
Special partition with certificate RINA for application on ships.

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Estfeller partitions separate rooms quickly and with elegance. They are suitable for every architectural demand and be adjusted for special needs.
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Sliding partition
  Sliding partition in glass
  Vertical sliding partition
  Vertical folding curtain
  Spiral staircase
  Retractable stairs
  Roof windows

Estfeller partitions change rooms with elegance and are suitable for every architectural demand. Single elements are moved along the ceiling track to a soundproofed wall. No floor guidance necessary. Operation is easy, quick and secure.

The advantage of Estfeller sliding partition is the space-saving concept in open and closed condition. Extendible seals are operated by a handle or electrically and ensure soundproofing. Single and double pass door can be integrated in elements.


Closed partition.

Open partition.
Partition parked on the side.

Sliding partition in a congress centre with sloping elements. It divides the hall in two rooms, taking care to the architectural design using Tanganika veneer for pannells.